Hire Me

If you’re a recruiter, feel free to contact me at me@biagiodistefano.io.

However, please note that:

  • I’m willing to consider only remote positions with flexible hours (but see below);

  • I’m currently based in Vienna and I’m not interested in relocating (but see below);

  • I only reply to recruiters that specify the job description and the salary range in advance.

Here’s my LinkedIn profile.

Here’s a PDF version of my CV.

My expectations

In order to save everyone’s time, please note:

Employment contract

  • base salary range: 120k/year - 160k/year

  • relocation within Austria: + 50k/year

  • relocation outside of Austria: + 100k/year

  • relocation outside of the EU: lol

  • days in office: + 5k/year for every day/week

  • holidays: 30 days/year

  • sick days: as per local regulations (EU)

B2B contract

  • daily rate range: 400/day - 640/day

  • hourly rate range: 50/hour - 75/hour

  • contracts shorter than 12 months: 10% buy-in

  • contracts shorter than 6 months: 20% buy-in

Coaching/Tutoring for students and junior developers

  • hourly rate: 30/hour

  • minimum duration: 1 hour

  • maximum duration: 3 hours

  • extra person: + 10/hour

  • maximum number of people: 5

My hiring process

You have your hiring process, I have mine:

  • First two interviews: on the house

  • More interviews: + 2k/year per interview

  • Live coding test: + 3k/year

  • Take home project: + 5k/year

  • Where do you see yourself in x years?: + 10k/year

Note: everything is to be considered on top of the base salary.